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8. Reserva meets your needs and budget How Reserva supports small and large produce businesses

32. Fast ROI All inclusive pricing model provides peace of mind so you focus on growing your business Reserva | Reserva Food Systems

34. Easy-to-use ERP built natively in the web like the tools you already use Reserva | Produce Operating Systems Powerful, yet simple

7. Produce O/S Reserva is the operating system for the produce industry Reserva is more than Software

18. From GTIN to PTI to Voice Pick, Reserva has all the labeling capabilities you need to create, print, and track labels. Reserva | Integrated Food Systems Full Labeling Capabilities to ensure you are always compliant

35. From market pricing to accounting, all your produce operations combined in one seamless platform. Reserva | Produce Operating Systems Combine Trading, Market Insights and Operations

30. Reserva Integrations Reserva | Reserva Food Systems Accounting Payroll Banking & Payments

11. Reserva | Reserva Food Systems Sales and Operations made easy Reserva’s Produce Order Management System is an essential tool to manage the entire supply chain, from PO to delivery.

15. Reserva’s 3Ps: Pipelines, Prospects, and Pricing Organize and manage your sales process using Reserva’s CRM. Create quotes, email campaigns, pricing sheets and seamlessly convert negotiations to sales orders. Reserva | Reserva Food Systems

22. Online Ordering Transform your ordering process by allowing your customers to easily place orders online. Reserva’s eShop supports B2B and B2C payments Reserva | Reserva Food Systems

26. Reserva Pay Service Spotlight A Live Credit Verification and Payment Solution A revolutionary credit verification and payment solution for produce companies. Reserva Pay eliminates sellers’ need to extend credit and worry about collections.

23. Email Marketing Reserva | Reserva Food Systems Put your promotions in autopilot using Reserva’s built-in email marketing platform. Send out daily promos, order guides, and more directly to customers or prospects.

25. Everything you need to run and grow your business while keeping an eye on the market Market Data Service Spotlight Live Market Insights Your own command center to keep an eye on the market. Leverage multiple data sources beyond USDA data, including Reserva’s proprietary Price Exchange Data service

36. Reserva’s true cloud infrastructure allows you and your team to be connected anytime, anywhere from any device Reserva | Produce Operating Systems Anywhere access Also works natively in iOS and Android through our marketplace trading app

37. Phone +1 (954) RESERVA Headquarters 499 S Warren Street, Suite 709 Syracuse, NY 13202 Email

29. From GTIN to PTI to Voice Pick, Reserva has all the labeling capabilities you need to create, print, and track labels. Unprecedented Traceability Comprehensive farm-to-shelf tracking TraceView Service Spotlight

12. Reserva | Reserva Food Systems Invoicing and Payments The OMS comes with integrated with a powerful invoicing and payments solution for those companies looking to keep their full accounting elsewhere. The Invoicing suite supports credit notes, credit limits, account holds and more controls to support order entry.

16. Reserva | Reserva Food Systems Sourcing and Sales Pipelines Create custom pipelines to manage grower and customer relations with processes tailored to each group. Onboarding checklists and credit applications From onboarding to daily trading, our CRM supports online applications, document signing, and more.

5. Introducing Produce O/S by Reserva The Operating System of the Produce Industry Beyond Software Welcome to the future of work in the Produce Industry

13. Reserva | Reserva Food Systems Liquidations and Grower Accounting Calculate grower statements fast and accurately in real-time. Reserva keeps track of grower lots and loads for you, making liquidations easy to prepare. Reserva’s vendor portal allows growers to access their grower statements on demand reliably.

33. Reserva is the most comprehensive and affordable produce-specific ERP software platform in the industry. Reserva ERP Platform B2C Consumers Customers Growers Distributors B2B B2B Retailers

20. Produce O/S Reserva is the operating system to work in Produce Business Communication Platform Email SMS Video Conferencing IP Phone Internal Chat Reserva | Reserva Food Systems

6. 6 Produce O/S Reserva is the operating system to work in Produce What is the Produce Operating System? Software + Services It’s the seamless integration of software and services tailored to the produce industry Reserva | Reserva Food Systems

24. Reserva | Reserva Food Systems ● Mobile and wireless ● Sale from warehouse or the road ● Scan lots ● Floor sales ● Print or email sales receipts ● Verify availability in real time Point of Sale Sell from anywhere with the convenience of a touch screen, live inventory and price lists

1. Helping produce businesses 10+ years Companies 350+ Users 2,500+ Modules 4,000+ Fully localized jurisdictions 7 Countries Reserva is the most comprehensive and affordable produce-specific ERP software platform in the industry. Reserva | Produce Operating Systems Reserva ERP Platform

17. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT BARCODING AND LABELING LOT AND PALLET TRACKING Whether you are working with a 3PL, run from a single location or multiple warehouses, Reserva’s WMS keeps inventory seamlessly integrated with purchases, sales, and accounting. Warehouse Management System (WMS) Reserva | Reserva Food Systems PACKING, REPACKING AND PRODUCTION DELIVERY ROUTES QUALITY & FOOD SAFETY

19. Shipping Dashboard Shipping Operations and Control designed for the Produce Industry Reserva | Reserva Food Systems Multimodal Tracking Track maritime, air, and inland shipments Real Time Analytics Track temperature and location in real time Predictive Insights Leverage data to improve margins and reliability Inbound and Outbound Control inbound and outbound logistics Seamless ERP integration Natively integrated in your Reserva account

2. Disjointed systems and improvised tools have made running your business complicated and time consuming. TCO Produce Focused Solution Working with all-purpose accounting systems with basic capabilities Inventory Management Traceability, Lot Tracking, Shrink Order Management Disparate Systems, Duplicating Data Entry, Visibility, Lack of Process Traceability Accounting Manual payment processing, statements, and bank reconciliation Expensive hardware, IT costs, software upgrades The Problem Reserva | Produce Operating Systems

21. POINT OF SALE SYSTEM EMAIL MARKETING Mobile and touch-screen friendly POS with live scanning Design beautiful email campaigns and online ordering distribution lists ONLINE ORDERING B2B and B2C online ordering and payments FOOD PRODUCTION Manage complex production processes with recipes and version control Beyond traditional ERP applications Advanced Applications Reserva | Reserva Food Systems

31. Multi Company Designed for Vertically Integrated produce companies Reserva’s multi-company environment supports organizations across different countries and different language settings. Everything in one place, gain full visibility to production, harvesting, packing, transportation, and distribution using Reserva’s proprietary technology. Reserva | Reserva Food Systems PRODUCTION & HARVEST FOOD PROCESSING 7 PACKING DISTRIBUTION & STORAGE RETAIL

14. CRM & MARKETING LEAD PROSPECTING Order Management System with lot-based inventory tracking SALES AND SOURCING TEAM PIPELINES Designed to support both sales outreach and sourcing operations Prepare daily inventory sheets, order guides and pricelists right from your ERP The only CRM designed for the produce industry. Manage relations and activities with both customers and growers Reserva | Reserva Food Systems PRICELISTS Design campaigns and mass mailing activities to reach your customers EMAIL MARKETING

9. INVENTORY TRACKING Order Management System with lot-based inventory tracking GROWER LIQUIDATIONS Consignment load liquidations and grower accounting ONLINE ORDERING B2B and B2C online ordering and payments PACKOUTS Repacking and palletization management Things we are really good at... We are also the only provider that: • ...does not charge for customizations • ...does not charge for extra modules ERP Highlights Reserva | Reserva Food Systems

4. Produce O/S Reserva is the operating system to work in Produce Receiving Packing Shipping Consignment Floor Sales Purchasing Receiving Inventory Management Retailing Reserva | Reserva Food Systems Routing Email Marketing Online Ordering Reporting Production Growers Post Harvest Processing Solutions for an Integrated Produce Ecosystem Packers Shippers Wholesalers Stores Food Hubs Brokers

10. Not ready for an ERP yet? Try our Order Management System (OMS) Reserva | Reserva Food Systems Our Produce OMS is designed to help produce businesses grow while maintaining full traceability and eyes on margins. Do the heavy lifting in Reserva, keep your books in your preferred accounting system. FULL TRACEABILITY INVOICING & PAYMENTS PTI AND GTIN LABELING PURCHASING RFQs & Purchase Orders Confirmation Pickup Instructions Inbound Bill of Ladings RECEIVING Reception/Pick Tickets Pallet Tags Lot Barcode Labels GTIN Labels Quality Inspection Report SHIPPING Inventory Picking Lot and Pallet Barcoding Route Management Just in Time Procurement Carrier Check-in/Check-out 3PL Notifications INVENTORY TRACKING SALES Quotes and Sales Orders Passing & Bill of Ladings Inventory Assignment Pallet Assignment Carrier Confirmations Margin Analysis

27. Treasury Service Spotlight Supplier Invoice Payout Automation Put your AP in autopilot with Reserva’s Treasury service. Treasury consolidates all your supplier invoices by due date ensuring you take the maximum credit while paying on time. Treasury works with Reserva Pay, giving clients the option to get extended credit when they need it. Customer Bank Treasury FDIC insured bank account provisioned by Reserva Reserva Forex Service International Payments Foreign Suppliers International Payments Supplier’s Bank Domestic Payments ACH ACH Wire $ £ € Reserva Invoices Reserva Invoices Reserva Invoices Reserva Invoices ACH Pull Customer Review Client approves payment AP Payout Report Invoices coming due AP Automation Vendor Financing

28. Fully automate your collections and vendor payments... Get paid and pay your vendors on time without worrying about cash flow. Reserva Treasury helps you maximize vendor terms while chasing your customers for you. Revenue Accounts Payable Reserva Treasury Liquidity Management AP Automation Vendor Financing Accounts Receivable Reserva ERP or your ERP Payouts ● Domestic ACH Payments ● Domestic Wires ● International Wires ● Foreign Currency Payments ● Real Time Payment Processing Financing On demand financing to cover cash flow gaps AP Automation Consolidate, schedule and make vendor payments Liquidity Management Real time cash flow planning and management AR Automation Automatically issue reminders and collect payments Forex Management Manage FX exposure with hedging and same-day int. payments Treasury Account FDIC insured checking account Cash Management Expense Management Reconciliations Reporting & Analysis Collections ● ACH Deposit ● ACH Pulls ● Incoming Wires ● Credit Card Disbursements Working Capital ● Trade Finance ● Short Term Credit ● Dynamic Discounting Capital

3. The Most Compelling Enterprise Software for Agribusinesses Reserva delivers superior value with a wider set of solutions. Our extensive apps catalog offers virtually unlimited options to address your specific challenges. Logistics Bill of Lading & Passing Email Marketing OMS Carrier Confirmation Invoicing and Payments Routes & Dispatches Purchases Online Vendor and Customer Portal Sales Pallet Tags Pricelists GTIN and PTI Labels Accounting eSignature Warehouse Management System Bank Feed Liquidations Point of Sale Grower Accounting CRM Pallet Handling Harvest Management Load Planning Quality Assurance Mobile Apps ACH and Credit Card Payments Packing and Processing USDA Market Prices Commission Plans and Payouts Grower Inventory Inventory Management ERP International Payments (FOREX) Price Exchange Online Ordering Lot Tracking Financing Banking Barcoding Expense Management Treasury Liquidity Management Margin Analysis Just in Time Ordering ONE ERP system that covers your entire organization from operations to accounting


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