Reserva Price Exchange

Reserva Price Exchange

The first market pricing source based on live trading data.

The Reserva Price Exchange connects directly to the ERP or accounting system of participating companies, allowing them to report pricing and volume data in exchange for access to the overall data. It's free and easy.

Insights from multiple data sources

Combing 3 different data sources in one powerful business analytics suite 

Marketplace Live Trading

Marketplace supply and demand information is automatically consolidated and made available to market participants. Marketplace trading data shows real time market sentiment. 

Reserva Price Exchange

Customers participating in the Reserva Price Exchange also enjoy consolidated market data from other participating companies. 

USDA Market Data

Get daily USDA Market News data ready for decision making. Access Shipping Point, Terminal Market and Movement Report data updated in real time. 

Real time data based on actual invoices

Based on transactional data, tracking quantity and pricing along with geographic data.

Reserva Price Exchange

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Company Classifications

The Reserva Price Exchange provides, for the first time in the produce industry, a descriptive classification of the companies involved in each transaction. This additional layer of information allows you to identify the supply chain segment where the transaction took place (Producer to Importer, Importer to Retail, etc.)

Geographic information

The Reserva Price Exchange provides geographic information for informing decision making. 

Quantitative and Qualitative

In addition to real time volume trading information, the Reserva Price Exchange contains qualitative commodity attributes and classification of companies.

Anonymous Data

All the information is provided anonymously. Clients agree to share their data anonymously in exchange for aggregated pricing data from the overall network. 

Price exchange Network
Reserva's Price Exchange Network offers verifiable, actionable and accurate information to make pricing decisions in the produce world.

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