Grower Direct Sourcing

Product Sourcing Solutions for Food Distributors and Retailers 

Reserva's Marketplace platform is the first live trading network dedicated to connect produce businesses worldwide.

Connect and negotiate directly with growers and exporters in Reserva. We help produce buyers identify, onboard, and manage domestic and foreign produce growers. Whether you are looking to build a dedicated sourcing program or a more resilient supply chain, we can connect you with growers that meet your needs.  Our proprietary platform makes it easy and convenient to reach a wide network of growers and receive competitive biddings. 

Reserva facilitates an unprecedented real-time end-to-end traceability to satisfy the most demanding food safety requirements. 


Negotiate Directly with Growers

Direct communication with actual growers allows you to communicate feedback, concerns and corrective actions directly to the people responsible for the products.

Diversify Supplier Base Across Regions

Build resilience and reliability with a diverse supplier base spread across different regions and jurisdictions.  A diversified supply chain results in higher reliability and flexibility, giving you more alternatives.


Grower Direct Programs

How would you like to receive cases labelled specifically for you? Put together a true grower direct programs with unprecedented visibility to farm, packing, and distribution operations.

Build a Custom, Vertically Integrated Chain

Direct communication with actual growers allows you to communicate feedback, concerns and corrective actions directly to the people responsible for the products.

Procure with Confidence

Vendor Discovery

Reserva's matching helps grocers find and manage verified and trustworthy growers.

Farm to Shelf Traceability

Full audit trail documentation covering production, packing and distribution.


Integrated offering of warehousing and transportation services through partners. 

Negotiate Directly with Growers


Tailored supply chain financing solutions to optimize cash flow management

Food Safety Compliance

Strict due diligence and ongoing monitoring to ensure accountability

Real Time Data and Monitoring

Access product availability, market conditions, pricing and more consolidated into business analytics dashboard

Turnkey Sourcing


  • Dedicated to connect grocers and growers.

  • Working exclusively with verified and audited growers. 

  • Integrated supply chain built on a proprietary online business platform.

  • Competitive vendor bidding model to drive better pricing and quality.

  • Highly specialized service exclusively focused on perishable commodities.

  • Overseen by a cross disciplinary team of produce industry veterans.

  • Uniquely designed fulfillment to facilitate a Direct to Consumer solution.

Everything in one place  

From grower onboading to food safety and imports clearance, Reserva's proprietary platform radically simplifies produce sourcing

Transforming Produce Sourcing

Our mission is to connect retailers and food distributors with growers to simplify the produce supply chain and create more economic value. 

With Direct Sourcing grocers can bypass vendors and intermediaries for stakeholders, invested in the reliability, quality, and economic success of the produce supply chain.

Deep Industry Expertise and Strong Technological Track Record

Reserva is the leader in ERP software for produce companies. The Reserva Marketplace is backed by industry veterans.

A New Way:

The Consignment Model

Traditionally, importers and shippers benefit from taking consignment inventory.

What if you could do the same?

Purchased Inventory 
to Vendor Managed Inventory

What if you could receive produce directly from growers placed on consignment and pay only after the product is sold?

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